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You live and learn. At any rate, you live...




Trying to sleep in summer with the covers on



I just wanna snuggle with someone

If you didn’t use to want Lizzie McGuire’s hair, you are a liar. 


This is probably the greatest thing you will see all day. You’re welcome.


In anticipation of Owl Awareness Day (August 4), we offer some slightly cartoony illustrations of these fascinating members of the genus Strix.

Images taken from Captain Thomas Brown’s “Illustrations of the American ornithology of Alexander Wilson and Charles Lucian Bonaparte" (1835).




advantages to wearing oversized sweaters:

  • instant cute outfit with minimal effort
  • it enhances the coziness when u drink hot beverages
  • sweater paws are guaranteed to make u feel 43% more adorable
  • u can unbutton ur jeans and no one will know

disadvantages to wearing oversized sweaters:

Guys think they’re totally not cute lol

the day i dress for a man is the day they dress me in my coffin to see jesus


Dani. 23. just moved to Salt Lake City (aka land of Mormons aka dumb liquor laws) to start my PhD in Oncological Science at the U of U....BS from Arizona State!!!!!....I miss Tempe and I think I might be betraying my Sun Devils while in Utah.....but I digress.....I am a multi-shipper who loves all sorts of things as evidenced by my blog with no coherence whatsoever....I do LOVE the Beatles even though I don't post about them all the URL comes from my love of the band as well as my love for my bestie Rita :)

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